Price of accommodation

After your booking is confirmed, a deposit of 50% must be transferred to our bank account. In the event of non-payment of the deposit, your booking will be cancelled. The remaining balance due must be transferred to our account no later than one week before arrival. The lessee (the whole group) also has to pay a refundable deposit of 5 000, - CZK at the beginning of the stay on the spot. At the end of the stay, resort fee and electricity consumption will be deducted from the deposit. The remaining amount is returned to the customer if no other harm is done.

WEEKEND STAYS (less than 3 nights) are possible only in the low season, for the price, see the table below + 50,- CZK per person for bed linen. When staying for 4 or more nights, these surcharges are not charged.

The price includes accommodation, bed linen, cot, dishwasher tablets, toilet paper and 0.5 m3 of firewood for the wood-burning stove or the grill (more wood for an additional fee).

The price does not include electricity consumption and resort fee of 15 CZK per person per night.

  Year 2019

     Termín                        into 12 person apartment/night                                  minimum stay

27.12.2018 - 3.1.2019                     26000kč apartmán/week                                  7 nights

3.1. - 29.3.2019                              2500kč apartment/night                                   3 nights

29.3. - 30.6.2019                            3000kč apartment/night                                   3 nights

30.6. - 1.9.2019                              26200kč apartmán/week                                  7 nights

1.9. - 30.9.2019                              3000kč apartment/night                                   3 nights

1.10. - 26.12.2019                          2800kč apartment/night                                   3 nights

WEEKEND STAYS (spring,autumn)      6000kč apartment/weekend                             2 nights

WEEKEND STAYS (winter)                 5500kč apartment/weekend                             2 nights